Welcome to ηvision, IIT Hyderabad

Technology is a part of everyday life. It's everywhere. Everything we do throughout our day is intertwined with gadgets of various forms and features developed over years if not decades. Human civilisation is at a point where we're enriching our lives with technology.
Tech has evolved as a platform for creators, innovators and thinkers to express themselves and bring to life their thoughts and ideas. Tech is limited not by our times but by our dreams.

These are the thoughts that drive us year after year to make ηvision bigger, better and spectacular.
ηvision, as we see it, is meant to be a celebration of everything tech, innovation and all the hackers who make what we see possible.

Started in 2011, ηvision is the technical fest organised by the students of IIT Hyderabad with a motto of providing the technical enthusiasts of our country a platform to explore, innovate and showcase their technical and engineering prowess.
Over the past 6 years, ηvision has gradually evolved from an inter college festival to one of the recognised technical fests of our country.